Candy Baker

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Candy Baker
Character Information
Hometown Flag of the United States.svg Flag of Massachusetts.svg Boston, Massachusetts
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Debut Appearances
Volume Volume 1
Strip Chapter 1: "Clear. Some of the Babena in the Garden Have Flowered."

Candy Baker (キャンディ Kyandi?) is a supporting character in the series Chibisan Date. She is a native of Boston who now resides in Nantucket with her family and younger sister Meg.


Candy appears to be in her late teens, though her exact age is not stated. She often wears a pale yellow or orange maid dress with a white apron, along with a matching bow headband in her hair (or sometimes simply a bow).

Personality and Interests

Candy is the elder of the two Baker sisters, though she is much more reserved and unfriendly compared to Margaret. Though she tries to act like a responsible older sister, she also happens to be quite cowardly and a worrywart.

She is an honor student and fairly good at what she does, but her mediocrity complex tends to get in her way. Her favorite hobby is making confections, and she hates black tea and coffee.


Margaret Baker

Main Article: Margaret Baker

Candy's younger sister. While visiting Seiji, Margaret and Candy jump over each other's words, with Margaret revealing Candy was actually worried about him. When Margaret tries to bake cookies on her own, Candy chastises her for not using the recipe. Later when Margaret tries to make cookies again, Candy helps her follow the recipe exactly, and Margaret promises to listen to her more after the cookies come out well.

Seiji Chiga

Main Article: Seiji Chiga

Though Candy cares about Seiji, she does not like to show it and hides her feelings from him under her snobby exterior. Sometimes, she makes cookie for Seiji, but she's too shy to give it to Seiji, so Margaret always helps her to do it.

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