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Chibisan Date
Chibisan Date Volume 1.png
Japanese cover of the first volume of the published manga
Genre Slice-of-life
Written by Hidekaz Himaruya
Published by Gentosha
Imprint Birz Extra
Magazine Comic Birz (2009 - 2010)
Comic Spica (2011 - 2013)
Original run February 28, 2009 – April 26, 2013
Volumes 4
Written by Hidekaz Himaruya
Published by Kitayume
Release date March 8, 2009

Chibisan Date (ちびさんデイト Chibisan Deito) is a manga by Hidekaz Himaruya that began serialization in Comic Birz starting with the April 2009 issue. After going on an unannounced hiatus in late 2010, the series was relaunched in the first issue of Comic Spica in October 2011, and was completed in the April 2013 issue. The series is supplemented by a small amount of web content.

The series is a slice of life manga that focuses on Seiji Chiga and his daily life on the crescent shaped island of Nantucket. The series is named for the character Chibisan, who serves as the series' mascot despite there being little information known about her background and relationships with the other characters.

In 2010, the published manga was licensed by Tokyopop in North America and the first chapter was previewed in the second volume of Hetalia: Axis Powers. Three months before the first volume was scheduled to be released, the company ceased US publishing operations.


It focuses on Seiji; a young Japanese artist, who currently lives on the crescent-shaped island of Nantucket. The story follows his daily life and the people who live there as well.


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Publication Information

Published Manga

The manga was published by Gentosha Comics from 2009 until 2013, and totaling four volumes overall. All volumes consist primarily of comics serialized in Comic Birz and Comic Spica.

Chibisan Date Volume 1.png
Publication Information
Table of Contents
Chibisan Date Volume 1
  • Chapter 1: "Clear. Some of the Verbena in the Garden have Flowered." (「晴れ。庭のバーベナが部咲いた。」 "Hare. Niwa no bābena ga busaita."?)
  • Chapter 2: "Clear. I Stocked Up on Paints While I was Out." (「晴れ。ついでに絵の具補充しておいた。」 "Hare. Tsuide ni enogu honshū shite oita."?)
  • Chapter 3: "Today I Made Cookies and Tried My Hardest. Just One More." (「今日はクッキー作って、あとがんばりました。もう一個。」 "Kyou wa kukkī tsukutte, ato ganbarimashita. Mou ikko."?)
  • Extra #1
  • Chapter 4: "Clear. The Plovers Built a Nest." (「晴れ。フエコチドリが巣を作っていた。」 "Hare. Fuekochidori ga su wo tsukutteita."?)
  • Chapter 5: "Cloudy. I'm Embarrassed. I Want to Hide Somewhere." (「曇り。恥ずかしい。どこかに隠れたい。」 "Kumori. Hazukashii. Doko ka ni kakuretai."?)
  • Chapter 6: "Clear with Occasional Rain. I Want to Believe in Myself." (「晴れ時々雨が降った。自信がほしい。」 "Hare tokidoki ame ga futta. Jijin ga hoshii."?)
  • Chapter 7: "The Story of the Day I Arrived." (「来た日の話。」 "Kita hi no hanashi."?)
  • Extra #2
Publication Information
Table of Contents
Chibisan Date Volume 2
Publication Information
Table of Contents
Chibisan Date Volume 3
Publication Information
Table of Contents
Chibisan Date Volume 4

Web Content

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