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August 2009 issue of Comic Birz featuring Chibisan Date on the cover.
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Monthly Comic Birz (月刊コミックバーズ Gekkan Komikku Bāzu) is a Japanese seinen manga magazine published on a monthly basis by Gentosha.

It serialized Chibisan Date from the April 2009 issue until the August 2010 issue, after which the series went on hiatus and resumed a year later in Comic Spica. During it's run in the magazine, Chibisan Date was featured on the cover of two issues (the August 2009 issue and the April 2010 issue). The July 2010 issue contained the announcement of a Drama CD for the series, but as of December 2011 no further information has materialized.

It began serializing one of Hidekaz Himaruya's other series, Hetalia: Axis Powers, beginning with the November 2011 issue.

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