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Welcome to Chibisan Date Wiki! Since it started in December 15, 2011, the project's users have created 26 articles.

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Margaret Baker (nicknamed "Meg") is a character in the series Chibisan Date. She is a native of Boston who now resides in Nantucket with her family and older sister Candy.

Margaret is a cheerful, free-spirited tomboy who lives in a large house at the top of a hill. She has a carefree sort of attitude towards life and has no problem in admitting her feelings. She's very fond of literature, but due to her eccentric style, nobody can understand the stories that she comes up with. She openly admits that she can be stubborn, and has difficultly working in groups despite her dislike of being alone.


Did You Know... About Chibisan Date Wiki
...that Sujanta and Rocket have yet to appear in the main storyline?

...that Candy Baker is older than her sister Meg?

...that Suehiro is from Kagoshima Prefecture?

...that Reinhard Fischer wants to be a musician?

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