Margaret Baker

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Margaret Baker
Character Information
Hometown Flag of the United States.svg Flag of Massachusetts.svg Boston, Massachusetts
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Debut Appearances
Volume Volume 1
Strip Chapter 1: "Clear. Some of the Babena in the Garden Have Flowered."

Margaret Baker (マーガレット Māgaretto?), nicknamed Meg (メグ Megu?), is a supporting character in the series Chibisan Date. She is a native of Boston who now resides in Nantucket with her family and older sister Candy.[1]


A 'chibi' version of Margaret. Shown in Hidekaz Himaruya's blog.


Margaret is a teenage girl, usually depicted wearing a pink maid dress and white apron, with a red or pink bow headband (though some artwork has alternatively shown her with dark violet accessories[2]). Her hair is worn loose, though sometimes she is shown to tie sections of it off into braids with bows. She ties a ribbon and bow around her neck matching the one in her hair. In Chapter 3, Margaret mentions that she can't get her hair to curl like her sister's.[1]

Personality and Interests

Margaret is a cheerful, free-spirited tomboy who lives in "the big house on top of the hill." She has a carefree sort of attitude towards life and has no problem in admitting her feelings. She's very fond of literature, but due to her eccentric style, nobody can understand the stories that she comes up with. She openly admits that she can be stubborn, and has difficultly working in groups despite her dislike of being alone.

Though she's very good at baseball, playing the guitar, and climbing trees, she says that she has bad reflexes. She does not understand baking and her grades in school are rather poor, though she seems content with that. In Chapter 3, she states that she was born in Boston,[1] but in the character profile at the end of Volume 1 she is referred to as an "English Immigrant"[3].


Candy Baker

Main article: Candy Baker

Margaret's older sister, who by comparison comes off as reserved and unfriendly. While visiting Seiji, Margaret and Candy jump over each other's words, with Margaret revealing Candy was actually worried about him. When Margaret tries to bake cookies on her own, Candy chastises her for not using the recipe. Later when Margaret tries to make cookies again, Candy helps her follow the recipe exactly, and Margaret promises to listen to her more after the cookies come out well. Margaret later mentions that if Candy were to cut her hair, she would consider doing so as well.

Seiji Chiga

Main article: Seiji Chiga

Margaret developed a crush on Seiji the first time she saw him. However, she initially only watched him from afar, believing him to be in a regularly bad mood due to his facial expressions. One day while Seiji was sketching in a Dandelion field, Meg got up her courage to talk to him and discovered that he was completely different from how she'd imagined and they got along well. Margaret admits that it is difficult to tell what Seiji is thinking, and in her exchange diary is very honest about his flaws. Despite the age difference they have similar points of view, and Margaret enjoys Seiji's drawings. While he is never referred to by name in the diary, the description provided makes it clear that Margaret is writing about him, and when he reads it she tells him to interpret the story any way he'd like.



Margaret tags along when Candy goes to check on Seiji, and she asks him to draw her making a variety of faces to get out of his artistic slump. She gives him a batch of cookies she made before heading home. Margaret and Candy are later seen baking cookies, though they end up not turning out well despite Margaret's optimism that they would. Margaret takes them with her when she goes to hang out with Seiji, who flips through her exchange diary while trying the cookies. Information in the book seems to imply that Margaret has a crush on Seiji, but she tells him to interpret the story however he would like. After arriving home, Margaret tries once again to make cookies - this time under Candy's instruction. To her delight they turn out well. Margaret is later shown making a snowman during a snowfall, asking Candy to help her with the head. As they finish they spot Fischer, who just got a short hair cut, and they accompany him to pick up Seiji. Margaret says that she would consider cutting her hair if Candy did, and comments on Seiji's small ponytail.


  • Through illustrations and sketches on the Kitayume website, it is suggested that Margaret may own a white duck with a ribbon tied around its neck like a scarf.


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