Rani Sujanta Sachdeva

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Rani Sujanta Sachdeva
Character Information
Hometown Icons-flag-us.png Flag of Massachusetts.svg Nantucket, Massachusetts
Age Early 20s (estimated)
Gender Female
Hair Color Black, Brown
Eye Color Brown, Amber
Debut Appearances
Volume Volume 1 (cameo)
Volume 2 (formal debut)
Strip "Questionably Cloudy. Chibi-san Came Home With A Strange Picture Book."

Rani Sujanta Sachdeva (often simply referred to as Sujanta) is a minor character in Chibisan Date.


A 'chibi' version of Sujanta. Shown in Hidekaz Himaruya's blog.


Sujanta has long, dark hair, often worn in a pair of pigtails with white ribbons. She has alternatively been depicted with fair skin and darker skin, though she is intended to have the latter. Her eyes have also varied from being deep brown to more of an amber shade, while her hair has alternated between black and brown.

She often wears a white blouse, a long brown skirt, a white and brown striped apron, striped socks, and dark loafers.

Personality and Interests

Sujanta is a worker at a bookstore in Nantucket, who aspires to become a famous picture book artist, with a goal of creating a picture book that can be enjoyed by all age groups. But although she is bright and cheerful, she is also quite scatterbrained and clumsy. She worked tirelessly to get herself through university and get recognition in the publishing world, but the results were less than encouraging. She is a published author, but her picture book has been met with poor reception due to being too complex for children but too simple for adults.



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Sujanta works for Rocket's grandfather, and the two appear to have forged a close relationship in the time she's been there, with Rocket referring to her as an older sister. Sujanta teases Rocket about his friendship with Chibi-san, and Rocket is shown boasting about how cool his "sister" is, and says that his favorite book is the picture book she wrote and illustrated.



Sujanta has only appeared in an online-exclusive comic and in a cast portrait at the beginning of Volume 1. The comic is told from her point of view, and she is informed by her friend Jenny of her first book's poor reception. Discouraged, she runs into Rocket and Chibi-san, and the two of them ask to read her book. Though they have trouble understanding parts, they reveal that they still enjoyed the book, especially the pictures. Reinvigorated, Sujanta stays late at the bookstore to work on an improved second book and falls asleep at her desk.


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