Seiji Chiga

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Seiji Chiga
Character Information
Hometown Flag of Japan.svg Flag of Niigata Prefecture.svg Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture
Age Early 20s (estimated)
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Debut Appearances
Volume Volume 1
Strip Chapter 1: "Clear. Some of the Babena in the Garden Have Flowered."

Seiji Chiga (千賀星治 Chiga Seiji?, alternatively romanized as "Sage Chiga") is the main character in the series Chibisan Date. He is a Japanese immigrant to the United States who begins the series living in Nantucket, Massachusetts working as the apprentice to a local potter.


A 'chibi' version of Seiji. Shown in Hidekaz Himaruya's blog.


He is a young man with rather fair skin, short dark hair, and dark eyes.

Personality and Interests

Seiji is described as being pessimistic and somewhat moody, though also rebellious. He is paranoid of failure due to something that happened when he first became an exchange student, when he saw someone else's art skills and began to doubt his own. Since he came to Nantucket, it appears that he's been going back to his old art style.


Candy Baker

Main Article: Candy Baker

When Seiji first arrived in Nantucket, Candy was too afraid to talk to him, but saw him one day sketching flowers in a field and built up the courage to talk to him.

Margaret Baker

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It is heavily implied (to the point of being almost explicitly stated in Chapter 3) that Margaret is in love with Seiji.

Reinhard Fischer

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Seiji and Fischer befriended each other by chance on the island and are polar opposites in personality, yet their friendship is described as inseparable. While Seiji is cynical, he is the optimist.

Mr. Suehiro

Main Article: Mr. Suehiro

Seiji's caretaker in Nantucket. He is serious and focuses on his work, which makes it difficult for him to deal with Seiji.


She and Seiji had once had their feelings for each other during his middle school years living in Yuzawa. The day Seiji left to study abroad in England, Yuriko skipped her classes to spend the afternoon with him before his train. After the end of their conversation she ask him to hold her hands as their last farewell they have together, but then she apologizes for that idea which then interrupted by Seiji to hold her hands quietly, in that moment that she shed her tears. In Chapter 4, Seiji recieves a letter from a mutual friend informing him that Yuriko has gotten married to the son of the owner of takita, which upsets him.




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